We are a social enterprise offering support, training, mentoring, coaching and networking for women entering or working in the industry.

  • Our Vision

    To increase the participation of women in the steel industry. We work to inspire women to join our industry with the help of our supportive national community filled with experiences, successes, and lifelong learning of women in steel.

  • Our Mission

    To connect members and stakeholders within the Australian steel industry and provide effective education, training, coaching, and mentorship opportunities that increase the accessibility of leadership positions for women.

  • Our Services

    • Networking events
    • Mentorship program
    • Internship program
    • Coaching sessions
    • Developmental Training sessions

the steel chicks community

The Steel Chicks Way

To be a Steel Chick

You follow your passion with boldness and determination. You challenge yourself, and you challenge the system.

You learn to collaborate with integrity and openness. You value all views and experiences and respect the team, our network, and its diversity.

You share and celebrate the stories of success to encourage and inspire more women to join the industry and more men to understand how they can drive change in the workplace.

You allow yourself to build friendships and have fun.

To be a Steel Chick supporter

You value diversity of thought and what it brings to our industry

You strive for excellence and seek meaningful initiatives

You understand you can create social change